Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gearbox inching forwards...

The next thing that needs to work is the gearbox. That way I can put up the back of the cab, exhaust pipes, doors, &c, and then figure where everything else needs to be put. Still gotta fit a compressor, air tank, and battery.

The origional gearbox idea didnt work - it would flex slightly and one of the bevel gears would walk off the axle. New plan is to use a griving ring to switch between a 12z 24z gears, selecting a speed. Over the past few days I've tried several arrangements, and I think I've found one that may work, but for one problem. Although it fits nicely and could be strong, It works better driving in reverse than forwards.The only other issue is that the gearbox rotates quite fast - 20:16 from the motor. This means lower torque, but more noise and wear. At least the end speed is right.